About Us

Grace’s Funeral Directors were established by Dan Grace in 1948. Due to his standing in the community the business matured and his son, Joe Grace, began working in the business in 1957.

He is still an active member in the business. Under his leadership we opened the first funeral home in the locality in 1977, to meet the demand that was becoming evident at the time. The first funeral home in Ireland was only opened in 1967. We joined the Irish Association of Funeral Directors (IAFD) in 2005 and adhere to its code of conduct which regulates the members. The IAFD is the only representative organisation for funeral directors in Ireland; we are one of 39 members in county Cork. Joe’s son, Alan Grace, joined the business on a full-time basis in May 2011, after spending 11 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a scientist. Alan is a qualified embalmer, is a member of the Professional Embalmers Association (PEA), and has worked in the family business on a part-time basis since 1992.

Using our wealth of experience as an independent family business we have been providing the people of Kanturk and the surrounding communities of north Cork with the kind of funeral they wish for themselves and their loved ones.
Generations have trusted the Grace family with making the right decisions at the most poignant of times. Today is no different as we continue the tradition of providing the very best of funeral services. We are committed to the vision of the founder and from the moment you first make contact you will be given all the help and support you need.

What is Embalming?
Embalming, in most modern cultures, is the art and science of temporarily preserving human remains to slow down decomposition and to restore a life like appearance. The three goals of embalming are thus sanitisation, presentation and preservation (or restoration) of a deceased person to achieve this effect. Embalming has a very long and cross-cultural history, with many cultures giving the embalming processes a greater religious meaning.
Modern embalming is most often performed to ensure a better presentation of the deceased for viewing by relatives and friends as, generally speaking an embalmed body will have a better appearance than one that is not embalmed. Viewing of the deceased is considered by many authorities to be helpful in the grieving process. Embalming is also a general legal requirement for international repatriation of human remains.
Embalmers study for two to three years before taking theoretical and practical exams on human anatomy, mortuary and embalming methods and procedures, qualifying to become accepted as a Member of the Professional Embalmers Association (PEA) or the British Institute of Embalmers (BIE).